Independence Pass Partners

  Member Agencies

  • Aspen Historical Society
  • City of Aspen 
  • Challenge Aspen
  • Colorado Department of Corrections 
  • Colorado Department of Minerals and Geology 
  • Colorado Department of Natural Resources 
  • Colorado Department of Transportation 
  • Colorado Geological Survey 
  • Colorado State Forest Service 
  • Colorado State University 
  • Pitkin County
  • Plant Trees 4 Life
  • Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers
  • Top of the Rockies National Scenic Byway
  • U.S. Forest Service 
  • U.S. Resource Conservation Service 

     Participating Businesses

  • Aspen Earthmoving 
  • Aspen Irrigation 
  • Aspen Skiing Company 
  • Axe Trucking
  • Bluegreen, Inc.
  • BP Reclamation 
  • Colorado Wildlife Science Inc.
  • Custom Log Ltd.
  • DBS Helicopters
  • Eagle Crest Nursery 
  • ELC Environmental Services 
  • Good Earth Landscaping
  • Interior Specialties, Inc.
  • Jeff Webster Forestry Consulting
  • LSC Transportation Consultants
  • Mt. Daly Landscaping
  • Nilex Geotextiles 
  • Pleasant Avenue Nursery 
  • Western Native Seed 
  • Wright Water Engineers
  • Yeh & Company
  • Yenter & Company 

The Independence Pass Foundationís work and accomplishments on the Pass are truly the result of collaboration with a diverse group of partners. The City of Aspen and Pitkin County continue to be generous with grant funding and logistical support; the work crews supplied by the Colorado Department of Corrections are an invaluable source of labor that performs the hard and hazardous work beyond the capabilities of even the most enthusiastic volunteer; Aspen Middle School and Aspen Country Day School provide us with an opportunity to reach out and involve the next generation of environmental stewards.

IPF began installing compost blankets below Highway 82 along the Top Cut in 2004, and 2013 saw the last of these massive projects. The compost blanket process is simple – a layer of plastic mesh, overlaid with a 3-4” covering of seed-impregnated compost, overlaid in turn with hydromulch.
Environment Logistics of Colorado, Denver, has been our contractor for all of our compost blanket work through the years. Here, organic compost impregnated with native grass seed is spread over the slopes with a blower. The annual growth/dieback cycle that plants undergo replenishes organic material, helping the grassy areas to become self-sustaining.

Aspen Earthmoving, Yeh and Associates and Yenter Companies were the primary contractors for the construction of the Middle Cut Wall, completed at the Top Cut of the Pass in 2008. The hillside above the wall was scaled by a “long-reach” excavator that brought down loose materials and smoothed out the slope.
Hydroseeding has played a major role in IPF’s revegetation work throughout the Pass corridor. The lack of organic nutrients in the soil creates challenging conditions for establishing new plants.