Raising the Bar

At the Independence Pass Foundation, we take pride in our mission to protect the ecological, historical, and aesthetic integrity of the Independence Pass corridor and to encourage stewardship, safety, and appreciation of the Pass. All summer and fall, we facilitate the process of restoration, stabilization, and revegetation of this beautiful land that surrounds us.

The heavy haul.

This week, we had the honor of working with 13 sixth graders from the Aspen Community School. We found ourselves atop Mountain Boy basin at 12,500’, and the hike was just the beginning.

The hike up.

All day long, we pulled and pushed and sledge-hammered rebar out of the tundra — the consequence of a failed 1960s snow fence experiment — and hauled it out by hand for recycling; hopefully to be used in a more appropriate place than the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness! These 11-12 year olds left no question: Our kids are going to change the world for the better!

Happy rebar extractor.

The hard work of this group will protect wildlife, skiers, and hikers for years to come, and help return this pristine place to its natural beauty.  Thank you, Aspen Community School!

Truck after-party.

Truck after-party.