Volunteer of the Winter Becky Braun

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Becky braun

I was born and raised in Aspen.  I have spent time on Independence Pass my whole life.  On family drives and hikes, on school field trips, with friends in high school and lots of time up there in the last 20 years as an avid hiker with my dogs.  One particularly great memory is in sixth grade, our class cross country skied up to Weller Campground and spent the night winter camping.  I can still see where we set up our tents and reminisce  on the lasting experience this had on me.  Now during the winter I ski up to Weller Campground at least twice a week.  The beauty and serenity of Independence Pass is still there although there are a lot more users these days.  

I volunteer for the Independence Pass Foundation by helping remove dog waste from the trash receptacle, shoveling dog waste from the trail and by encouraging others to clean up after their dogs.  I do this because I want to continue to enjoy the beauty of the Pass without the disgusting sight of dog waste.  It is horrifying to park at the winter gate and find pile after pile along the trail.  It is embarrassing to think of first time Pass users seeing that kind of mess in their first view of the gateway to this amazing place.  In the past few years the Independence Pass Foundation has provided a trash receptacle and dog waste bags.  By providing the regular users and new users the convenience of dog waste disposal, the gateway to this wilderness the has been preserved for all to enjoy it’s glory—minus the poop!